The University of the Sacred Heart (USH) project is a response to the devastating socio-economic and psychological needs of the people of Northern Uganda and Uganda at large inflicted by more than two decades of civil strives. The aftermath of the conflict has been far reaching on the population, including among others; untold sufferings, physical and mental torture, and loss of lives and property of the population, disruption of societal structures and values.  The USH is to address, both in the short and long term, the effects of the war and to re-align human dignity and values as central in all human activities and relationships, so as to ensure sustainable peace and holistic development. These effects of war include, but are not limited to the psychosocial needs (trauma and its manifestations such as alcohol dependence, mental illness, domestic violence, lack of appreciation of the value of human life, desperation and suicide), individualism, societal mistrust and challenges of collaboration, challenges of re-integration, poverty  and development.

The USH is being established particularly so as to contribute more effectively to addressing the needs for faster and more meaningful healing, reconciliation, moral integrity and, re-building and changing the lives of people in post-conflict situations in Uganda and neighboring countries e.g. South Sudan, Eastern Congo, etc. who have shared experiences of conflicts and war; and to ensure that quality higher education contributes to the healing and growth of society in all dimensions.


The name of the University is inspired by love and compassion of the Heart of Christ whose vision for humanity is to "have life to the full" (Jn.10:10) and who extends the invitation "Come to me; all who are burdened, and I will give you rest. Learn from me, for I am humble of heart; you will find rest (Mt. 11:28-30).

The name also gives tribute to heritage of faith and service, in particular to the work of the Comboni Missionaries (who are dedicated to the Sacred Heart) whose contribution to faith, education, healthcare and other social services in the region has been remarkable. They were supported early in their ministry by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart from the New Orleans Province in the United States of America.


To contribute to personal and social healing, growth and holistic development of Uganda and the world community through provision of quality education, training, research and community service.


To be a center of excellence, a university of choice and an engaging center of quality teaching, learning, research, transformative community service and educative consultancy


"Health of Mind, Heart and Body for Integral Development"


The underlying Philosophy that guides the University of the Sacred Heart is the understanding that Christ came so that all persons may have life, and have the fullness of life (Jn. 10:10) and that this fullness encompasses more than just acquisition of knowledge and skills but embraces the mind and heart. Besides, unless appropriately developed and formed, the heart and mind can impede the utilization of knowledge and skills for the good of the individual and for the common good and even actively contribute to the destruction of the good. University of the Sacred Heart will operate in a manner consistent with the philosophy of the Catholic Higher Education which stresses free search for the whole truth about nature, humanity and God and promotes exploration of every academic discipline.